About the forum

About The NOW Forum

NOW The Norwich Over The Wensum Neighbourhood Forum, was established in November 2021 and was designated as a neighbourhood planning body for the Norwich Over The Wensum area in April 2022.

Our purpose

This forum’s purpose is to enable those who live and/or work in this area of Norwich to write a plan, setting out what they would like to see built in the area, a role that before the introduction of the Localism Act was something that could only normally be done by the local council.

After being written by the local community, the plan will be examined by the Planning Inspectorate to check it is consistent with national local planning rules and policy. This plan would then be subject to a public referendum, with all those living and working within the area eligible to vote.


On 6th April 2022, our application to become a designated neighbourhood planning forum was approved by Norwich City Council’s cabinet, which verified that we have met the requirements to be a suitable body to carry out neighbourhood planning.


The forum has an adopted constitution which can be viewed here. To facilitate the forum’s work, an administrative committee has been set up to carry out the day to day running of the forum, whilst the forum membership has overall oversight through it full meetings.

An Administrative Committee has been set up to support the work of the Norwich Over Wensum Neighbourhood Forum (NOW NF) by providing a secretariat function. The Committee will be responsible for the administration and operation of the Forum. The Administrative Committee was established in November 2021.

Currently, the forum’s administrative committee is planning to hold a series of consultation events and activities within the local community as we seek to form a vision for the area that reflects the needs and wishes of the local community. This is starting with an initial survey of residents, businesses, and other stakeholders which you can find here.

Meeting Minutes

We publish here the minutes of any decision-making General Meetings of the forum, along with any reports presented. These formal meetings only happen a few times a year.  Meanwhile, our administrative committee hold more regular meetings. 

More about neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning

locality the power of community

This guidance, produced by Locality, a charity set up to support communities with neighbourhood planning, explains the neighbourhood planning system introduced by the Localism Act, including key stages and considerations required.

The Localism Act

people looking over model of norwich over the wensum neighbourhood

The Localism Act allows communities to make their own plan for development in their neighbourhood. Visit the website below to see the Government’s guidance on neighbourhood planning under the Localism Act.