Aims and themes

Aims and themes


Analysis of the area and outcomes from community engagement have helped to identify the following key planning aims:
  • To support high quality and sustainable regeneration, including development of brownfield sites and heritage-led economic development.
  • Maintaining a mixed neighbourhood to meet the housing, employment, recreational, educational, shopping and other diverse needs of the local community.
  • To promote sustainable and active travel, enabling walking and cycling.
  • To promote high quality, sustainable design, reinforcing local distinctiveness and historic character.
  • To ensure that development addresses climate change.
  • To protect or enhance green spaces.
  • To enhance the environment and accessibility of the river Wensum


These aims are being developed into policies around the following themes:

Regeneration: The policy will support mixed use development to complement the existing mix of uses and promote high street viability and vitality.

Residential Development: The plan will seek to ensure that new housing meets diverse local needs.

Heritage, Character and Identity: Development will be required to reinforce the area’s character, but also avoiding suppressing creative design.

Sustainable Design: The policy will promote high-quality, green design and require development to be convenient for pedestrians.

Green and Blue Infrastructure: The policy will seek to ensure that development does not have adverse impacts on the area’s green and recreational spaces, trees and the river frontage.

Sustainable and Active Travel: Sustainable forms of transport, walking and cycling will be promoted.