Anglia Square

The Forum's position on Anglia Square

At our February 2022 meeting, forum members made a decision that the NOW Neighbourhood Forum would not take a view on the proposals, since we are aware that the views of our members vary significantly, and we do not have the resources to do the engagement that would be necessary to formulate an agreed view in the timescale that would be required.

However, we do hope to ensure the voice of the community is heard by letting you know about consultations, events or decisions, and to give you information to help you understand the plans and form your opinions.

The 2022 Anglia Square Application

Weston Homes submitted an application for the Anglia Square site in April 2022.  These plans were subsequently amended in July 2022. To see the plans, click on the link to the left below, and if you need more help on where to find relevant documents, download the guide on the right. 

The Application

Screenshot of the Anglia Square Application Website

View the drawings and documents with other information about the application that was submitted by the applicant (Weston Homes) at this page on the city council’s website.

Guide to navigating the application

people looking over model of norwich over the wensum neighbourhood

We know that it can be difficult to find your way around the documents to find what you’re looking for, so this short guide written by our secretary Simeon Jackson may help. Please note that the links in this guide have not been updated for the July 2022 amendments, and therefore only link to the April 2022 versions.

The Alternative Scheme

You may have heard in the news about an alternative scheme drawn up by architects Ash Sakula on behalf of campaign group SAVE Britain’s Heritage.

Please note that no application has been submitted for this alternative scheme.  It is intended only to demonstrate the alternative those campaigners believe could be achieved on the site.  You can, however, refer to this alternative in comments to the main application.