A stack of approximately 500 pages (the report of the planning committee meeting regarding the Anglia Square development)

Decision on Anglia Square

At the end of a 8-hour-long meeting, councillors today decided to approve the application for the redevelopment of Anglia Square, with 8 votes in favour, and 5 against.

Those voting against raised concerns about the amenity of future residents (particularly in relation to single-aspect flats), the overall density, the low level of affordable housing provision, lack of renewable energy provision, and whether the heritage concerns that led to the refusal of the previous scheme by the Secretary of State had been sufficiently addressed in the new scheme.

Ultimately, however, a majority of the councillors agreed with the officers’ conclusion that, in policy terms at least, the downsides are outweighed by the benefits of redeveloping the site, including the provision of housing, the creation of employment both during construction and in the completed scheme, and the ‘rejuvenation’ of this area of the city.

The decision makes this moment a key opportunity for the neighbourhood forum. Whether residents support the development proposal or not, now that we know the intended future of this site, we can create our plan to make the most of the changes it will bring. We can plan for how other development sites within the area will complement and enhance the area in the context of a redeveloped Anglia Square, and provide a vision for how the area will develop going forward.

If you would like to be part of this work, we would love to see you at our next meeting, which will be held via Zoom on the 9th May at 6pm. Only members will be able to vote, so please sign up as a member to ensure you’re invited, and can vote on decisions.

Photo: The committee papers were approximately 500 pages long!