The Norwich Over the Wensum Area

The Area Boundary

The Neighbourhood Area is that which was defined for the expired Norwich Northern City Centre Area Action Plan (2010). The River Wensum forms the Southern and Western Boundary between Whitefriars Bridge and adjacent Oak Street in line with the former city wall; then following the Mancroft ward boundary along Bakers Road, Magpie Road and Bull Close Road up to where it meets Charlton Road; then Charlton Road and Whitefriars back to Whitefriars Bridge.

Explore the area

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historic map of the neighbourhood area

Click below to view a short history of the area by historian Brian Ayres.

The Plan

Map of the area with person's hand drawing over

View and contribute to the plan for the area as it progresses.


Picture of example key site - Anglia Square, Sovereign House

View the evidence we have collected about the area and key sites within it.